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Opera productions

In Atto di Morir

The artistic residency at the Grand Theatre of Calais is the opportunity to develop an activity of opera productions:

In atto di morir

« In atto di morir » (Going in agony) is mounting around the Tancred Combat and Clorinda by Monteverdi, instrumental and vocal pieces of battle, of war and lament drawn from the rich baroque repertoire: Strozzi, Wilche, Schmelzer, Uccellini, Monteverdi… the clash killed near Jerusalem, the Christian Tancred and Clorinda Saracen, yet loving one another but knowing who their opponent is up here commented incandescence.

This show was created November 14, 2015 at the Grand Theatre of Calais

In Atto di Morir - November 2015
Inattodimorir2015 4 GR

Photo credit Nima Yeganefar

The Eliogabalo of Cavalli

Before the dictatorship of virtuoso singers, Cavalli continued the work of Monteverdi greatly enriching the genre, brand new, opera. Sparkling and tragic, the Eliogabalo score is based on an extremely audacious book, a staggering psychological complexity, to narrate the end of one of these lawless emperors that dot the history of the Roman Empire.

Creation April 23, 2016 at the Grand Theatre of Calais

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