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Educational activities / Young Audience

bal-baroque-1 Baroque Bal - Young Audiences

The opening to the young public and amateur musicians is one of the stated aims of the Ensemble Hemiolia.
It seems essential to stimulate curiosity, encourage listening, initiate and encourage listeners and musicians of tomorrow to broaden the scope of their repertoire.
The Ensemble Hemiolia has developed three lines in this direction:

creating shows to a young audience
le-marchand-de-fable-jp « Le Marchand de Fable », 2014 creation / coproduction Hemiolia / Lyric and Co
the organization of early music courses for students of conservatories and music schools
activites-pedagogiques Ensemble Hemiolia - Young Audiences

Next course: from 20 to 23 October 2016 at the Conservatoire de Maubeuge, in partnership with the Val de Sambre agglomeration Maubeuge

Information to come

interventions Love CHAM schools with classes in the region (with schedules arranged music classes), presentations of instruments, school concerts …

We worked with:

the Regional Conservatory of Amiens
the Departmental Conservatory of Arras
the Communal Conservatory of Maubeuge
the Longuenesse Music School
the Secondary school “Notre Dame de Grâce de Maubeuge”
the Secondary school “Vauban de Maubeuge”
the Secondary school “Les Dentelliers de Calais”
the Music school of Ferrière la grande
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